Buying A Family Car

There are five key factors to consider when it comes to buying a family car from, and colour and size are just cosmetic ones. You have to think of the safety of the car, which includes putting that little extra money in and getting a full history of the vehicle you are buying. You have to consider the suitability of the seats; especially if you are planning to put children in the back. Car seats are a huge issue and if you buy a car that needs an Isofix base but yours doesn’t have one, you’ve shot yourself in the foot from the off. Safety is key when it comes to any car, but more importantly when you are buying a family car where children will be riding in the back.

You need to choose a car that has been awarded a great Euro NCAP rating for safety as this is the standard scoring system across all new cars on sale in Europe. Make sure you look into areas such as child occupancy protection as well. There are some very safe family cars on sale and whether you are headed out to a dealership or heading online to a site like, check everything out properly. The shape of your car matters more than you think. You should try to choose a car shape that resembles tall and boxy. It doesn’t sound half as attractive as a sporty coupe car, but having a good shell in a vehicle allows you to maximise every ounce of space you have. It also allows you to have a commanding driving position on the road ahead of you and it also gives you more space to put in car seats as and when you need them.

While you may not only thinking about the number of seats in the car, but you have to think about the flexibility of the back seat and whether or not you can slide them forward and back or fold them down as needed. You need to ensure they are easily able to be fitted with car seats. Most cars have a lot of storage space and large boot spaces, but you need to make sure you have enough space for all the paraphernalia that children come with. Juice cups, snacks, sick bags, toys, and it goes on and on. Having the right space in the car for storage keepers can really help.

Make sure the boot is big enough for a pram if you have one or okay enough to fold down a pushchair into. You also want to ensure there is space for shopping among all that parenting stuff. Good luck with that one! Finally, understanding the specification will really come in handy when it comes to selling the car in the future. Dark fabrics are great for hiding stains and spillages and unless you’re planning to remove shoes before children get into the car, make sure that material is dark enough to hide muddy foot prints! Consider reversing sensors and parking assistance as a gadget inside the car and figure out whether you have the specification inside for air conditioning. Kids and cars don’t often go hand in hand, less on a hot day.