Top Tips for Carpet Cleaning

There are a lot of options when it comes to cleaning your office or home carpets and sometimes these can be confusing. Companies like always recommend steam cleaning as it’s one of the most popular but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options. So we’ve listed some of the other ways you can clean your carpet; whether that’s a short pile office carpet or a longer pile instead. Carpet shampoo is a cleaning shampoo for carpet is usually put on the office carpet to develop into a foam. The chemicals within the foam then attract all the dirt present in your carpet and draw it up and out. That is then left to dry and after it has all dried up, it becomes really fragile and then separates from carpet fibres. Whatever remains is then collected using a hoover. This method of shampoo carpet cleaning is very popular because it’s not as expensive as hiring a steamer or using a private company to do so.

Steam Cleaning is a carpet cleaning method is also common due to how well it works. Steam cleaning does not use actual steam to clean the carpet, but very hot water through the fibres of the carpet. The hot water is often between 150-200 degrees and is very effective in getting rid of allergens and dirt. High pressure and hot water are usually sprayed over the carpet and the higher pressure can loosen up the dirt faster. The dirt, which is forcefully eliminated, is then sucked using a vacuum cleaner and then stored in a tank. The water is often mixed with a chemicals that wash the carpet as well. Steam carpet cleaning is one of the deepest ways of cleaning carpets. The carpet becomes anti-allergic once it has been steam cleaned as the dust mites aren’t as present. It’s best to hire a proper cleaning company as their machinery used is professional and gets the job done better than standard steamers.

Dry Powder is a method that doesn’t employ the use of water and therefore is known as dry cleaning or powder cleaning. Dry powder is absorbent and is made of a solvent, soap, and water. The powder is sprinkled on top of the carpet, and using rotating machines, it is spread all over that carpet before being left for around 15 minutes. With the use of a hoover, all the dirt and powder are then taken away. Without wetting involved, you can be sure there won’t be any mildew stench. Foam cleaner is almost the same method as steam carpet cleaning. Using a very fast rotating brush, a certain amount of shampoo is spread over the carpet and that creates foam in the process. The foam is then left for around an hour to dry. Using a hoover, the dirt is eradicated. The whole shampoo might not be jettisoned using a hoover hence steam cleaning may be necessary.

Cleansing And Clearing

Feeling low on energy and low on mood? A regular house cleansing is a great way to keep the energy of your home peaceful and vibrant.

Did you know that your own energy levels and even your emotional state can be affected by the energy of your surroundings? It’s true, so why not treat your home, and your workspace, to some energy cleansing!

It’s important to keep the vibrational level of our close environment as clean and as positive as possible and it’s possible with companies like And its very easy to do!

Our bodies have the amazing ability to heal themselves, physically and energetically, and our vibration is fluctuating up and down all the time. Whenever we come into contact with something or someone whose energy has a lower vibration than ours, it can temporarily drag our energy level down too.

It’s obvious when you enter a room where the people there have just had a major argument. The arguing may be over, but you can still sense it in the air. This is what it feels like when you could “cut the air with a knife”. Our energy systems detect it.

But if we are constantly surrounded by negative, low vibration energy, it can begin to sap our vitality on an ongoing basis and our energy system has a harder time trying to correct itself. Therefore, a regular house cleansing, or space clearing as some like to call it, is vital.

So where can you start? The environment you have the most control over is your own home. Hopefully, this is where you spend a lot of your time (and not at work). So it makes sense that your home should be clear of as much negative energy as possible, and feel harmonious and calm to all those who enter it.

I have put together a list of house cleansing tips to help you raise the vibration of your home. The higher the vibration, the lighter and more positive your home will feel. You can also use the techniques for the other places where you spend quite a bit of time such as your work place.

Try them out and see if you and others can notice the difference in the ‘vibe’ of your surroundings. Remember, hold the intention and belief that your space will be cleared of all negativity.

The uplifting and house cleansing effects of natural sunlight are well known. (Just think Seasonal Affective Disorder, a depressive disorder linked to lack of sunlight).

Sunlight is a type of electromagnetic energy and is made up of various rays that vibrate at slightly different frequencies. The rays in the visible range are the colours we can see in a rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. These coloured rays combine to make white light.

Sunlight has a cleansing and revitalising effect. You know yourself the difference between how you feel sitting in a gloomy, poorly lit room and one that is filled with sunlight.

And artificial lighting is not a replacement. It doesn’t emit the same rays and doesn’t have the same composition of colours. It’s vibration has no energy healing qualities at all, in fact it can be quite the opposite.

The full spectrum of sunlight is the most beneficial. It will raise the vibration of the rooms it fills.


Basic Guide To Blast Cleaning

A blast cleaning set-up with companies like consists of just 6 main pieces of equipment, with associated accessories, and abrasives.

You will require a diesel engined mobile compressor. They are rated on their air output cfm ( cubic feet per minute)……… usually 140, 180, 260 & 350 cfm, and manufactured by the likes of Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Compair , Sullair, & Kaeser…….

90 to 140 cfm : The lower end of the scale. These are small, lightweight, easy to tow with a small van, easy to source and miserly on fuel. But you are limited to cleaning just lightly soiled stone, brick, steel and wood, and the cleaning rate will be generally slow.

180 cfm : Firm favourite with one-man band businesses, my favourite size compressor, as again they are light, easy to tow, fuel efficient, and not too tiring to use all day. Formidable when used with a C50L blast pot; I always owned this combination and was able to clean virtually every job I encountered. Biggest problem is that they are quite rare and difficult to find, as they are too big for road gangs and too small for other industries.

260 cfm (as in photo above) : Very popular with small/medium size businesses and hire companies. Weighing in at around 1400kg , you need a decent size van to tow. Can be used with any size blast pot and is fairly common. Makes rapid work of large areas of stone, brick and rusty or painted steelwork……. Ideal for large buildings, allows use of long lengths of compressor and blast hose without losing too much power.

350 cfm : The biggest of the mainstream mobile compressors. For use where a seriously fast cleaning rate is required on heavily corroded steelwork…. ships, bridges, structures,heavy machinery, etc. Heavy on fuel and cumbersome to tow. A few days use can be very tiring …… just about every muscle in your body will know about it !


Four sizes available : the ½ bag C20L, 3 bag C50L , 8 bag C140L and the 12 bag C200L.
Each suitable for a variety of applications. Pots are supplied with manual controls ( two on off ball valves), or with a remote valve, controlled by the operator using a dead man handle at the end of the blast hose……

The C20L holds just 25kg of expendable abrasives, enough for 10 minutes of continuous blasting. Useful for small or limited access jobs, for snagging & touching up, fine detail restoration work, or in workshops for occasional blasting with

The C50L  holds approx. 75kg of abrasives, enough for 30 minutes of blasting. Easily the most popular size pot with jobbing one man businesses. Very manouverable on building sites and easy to load in and out of van.

The C140L holds 150 kg of abrasives, enough for a full hour of continuous blasting. Popular with firms involved with medium / large cleaning projects.

The C200L holds 300kg of abrasives, sufficient for 2 hours blasting. Monster size pot for for big projects where as little down time as possible and a rapid cleaning rate is required. In reality a full pot (allowing for inevitable stopping and starting) will last half a shift.

5 Things To Know Before You Replace The Roof

There’s no better time than now to make the most of the summer sun and give your roof a thorough inspection, keeping a close eye out for any problems to check whether you need a replacement roof fitted with Similarly, if you have noticed that your roof is suffering from a leak or cracking, it’s important to carry out detailed checks as soon as possible in case an entirely new roof is required.

This article will serve to explain the five main tell-tale warning signs that you must look out for during your inspections which will help determine whether you need a new roof installed in time for the upcoming autumn/winter months.

  1. Worn or missing roof tiles/slates

Generally speaking, damp areas or leaks may indicate a cracked, slipped or worn roof tile which will require the expertise of a professional to replace. If you notice any leaking or signs of water damage, it’s more than likely that your roof tiles are worn or missing and need replacing as quickly as possible. It is worth noting that if worn or missing tiles become an extensive problem on your roof, the entire thing will need replacing.

  1. Sagging flat roofs

Exposure to extreme weather conditions can impact the functionality of your roof as the boards can start to buckle and break under the weight of the water, causing the roof to sag. In turn, this can affect the interior of your home by creating a rather dangerous, unsafe structure, meaning the roof will need replacing immediately.

  1. Daylight is filtering through the roof boards

When examining the roof from inside your home, if you notice any gaps where the summer sun is filtering through the roof boards then you must seek help from a professional roofing company straight away. Excessive damage to the roof boards will require urgent attention and will most likely result in the roof needing to be replaced.

  1. Life expectancy of the roof

According to most roofing experts, a standard roof should last between 20-25 years, depending on the initial installation and upkeep. If your roof is reaching the end of its life expectancy or is in a bad state of repair, you must arrange to have it replaced to avoid any damage to the interior of your home.

  1. Cracks, puncture holes or splits on a flat roof

Felt flat roofs often fall victim to cracks, puncture holes or splits round the edges of the roof caused by extreme weather. In turn, this can lead to water leaking through the gaps and can escalate to excessive water damage inside your home. Therefore, you must address this problem as quickly as possible and have your existing roof replaced.

Where Is Safe For Installing A Boiler?

You can have your boiler installed safely in most rooms, or even the loft with There are, however a few things to consider:

  • Your boiler should be installed inside a building and can be fitted to any suitable wall strong enough to take its weight when full of water.
  • The boiler’s flue must be able to pass to the outside, either through an outside wall or through the roof so check this with The boiler installation manual gives the minimum legal distances the flue terminal must be from windows, air bricks, other buildings etc, to comply with Building Regulations.
  • As well as the flue, you must consider where to fit the condensate pipe that takes away the liquid that condenses as the gases cool inside the boiler.  We recommended that this pipe discharges internally into the household drainage system. If the condensate pipe is fitted outside, it could freeze during cold weather and make the boiler shut down.
  • With heat only boilers don’t require a pump overrun or permanent live. This means you won’t need to worry about getting a wire from the pump to the boiler or a permanent power supply to the boiler. Find out more about this unique feature.
  • If you decide to have it fitted in a garage or outhouse, we recommend you get additional frost protection fitted to protect the system pipework, even if the boiler has its own frost protection.
  • When positioning the boiler, you must allow sufficient clearances and access for servicing.  Please check the installation instructions for details.
  • The boiler may be fitted inside a cupboard without having air vents.  Modern boilers are room sealed and will run sufficiently cool without ventilation.
  • If the boiler is fitted in a bathroom or shower room, please refer to the current Wiring Regulations and Building Regulations, which explain the different zones in the bathroom where it is safe to install and boiler, and where it is unsafe to do so (In GB this is the current I.E.E. Wiring Regulations and Building Regulations. In IE reference should be made to the current edition of I.S. 813 “Domestic Gas Installations” and the current ETCI rules)
  • If your house is a timber framed building, please refer to the current edition of Institute of Gas Engineers Publication IGE/UP/7 (Gas Installations in Timber Framed Housing)
  • If your boiler runs on LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas), you should not have it installed in a basement or other position below ground. This is because LPG does not rise, and will therefore not be dispersed should there be a gas leak. This information should be used for guidance only. Your Gas Safe registered installer will be able to survey your home and tell you the most convenient, safest and legally compliant place for your boiler and discuss where the flue and condensate pipe should go.

Why Is It Advantageous To Hire A Professional Builder When It Comes To Garden Rooms?

People think hiring a professional builder when it comes to customizing your shed can be a waste of money, which is understandable if you think about. But, have you considered the pros when it comes to hiring them? Especially when you wanted your shed to be customized, meaning different and creative from a simple tool shed? Well, according to the experts at the having the assistance from a professional will make things easier on your part. How is it possible? Well, simple. What happens when you don’t have time to actually finish your project when you have too much work to be done? You hire someone who will do it for you.

With these reasons, it is enough to consider the other possibilities when it comes to hiring someone. For with the help of an expert they can make your life easier. Imagine when you are not good in building and you just realize you wasted your time and energy in buying supplies that are a bit too expensive and still your shed doesn’t look what you expected it will be. See the problem? Not everyone has the time to make room for it.

So, it is best to take the route and ask for assistance from someone who knows what they are doing. It can be advantageous to you in a long run. Here are some instances.

  • It is convenient to you, especially when you are too busy to work on the shed on your own. You don’t have to leave work or disturb your work when you have someone who will ensure that the shed that you wanted to have will be standing when you arrive home.
  • It saves you time and money. No need for providing them the supplies because as a worker they have the supplies and the equipment already set up for them to work. Which saves you the time and money and that clearly helps you a lot.
  • They are very skilled and talented. Knowing that they are professional makes your heart at ease. You will know the results will satisfactory to you in the end.
  • They are also creative. If you want you can change the shed into something more unique like a personal office, or a band room. Whatever it is, it is still optional to have.

Now, seeing this, it goes to show that with their help you will have your shed all set up and done. It won’t take too long for it to be finalized so the long wait won’t be the excruciating. Another thing, if you’re having troubles in deciding what kind of shed that you want to have you can just go and shop for sheds instead, according to the expert it will help you decided on what kind of shed that you want to have in your own home. In order words, you have broadened your choices if you are having trouble in making a finalized decision.

Advantages of Hiring Home Care Services

When it comes to caring for your elderly loved ones, there is nothing that would stop you from showing your care and love to them. However, at most times, they get more stubborn especially if they are feeling useless and the illnesses that they are carrying becomes an emotional burden to them. It is expected that they get the denial of whatever they are feeling. Although this can happen to anyone, it is not a ground for neglecting their well-being and their daily needs. It is best that you remain, accept, and value their worth as they are getting older.

Now that you have established good reasoning to your elderly member with the need of hiring a home care services, it is better also for them to understand why you’re going to hire and emphasizing the responsibilities of a caregiver is important as well for them to understand. Finding a caregiver such as at gives you the opportunity for a caregiver to support, accompany, and maintain the health of your elderly member. Despite their issues in life, it would be best to have someone that will take care of them while you are doing your work during the day. In order for you to not feel very overwhelmed with the changes in life, here are the advantages of hiring home care services.

Assisting in self-care and grooming- sometimes elderly people would stop taking their baths and even not able to groom their selves anymore due to the limited range of motion. So, for you to benefit with hiring a caregiver, their role is to assist the elderly in achieving their physiologic needs especially those elderly who are disabled.

A good companion for the day– there are home care services that offer different types of services and if you happened to choose an independent type of service this means that your elderly member would meet different people over a week and have them as a companion can help the elderly as to which they are comfortable and would rather feel safe. This also helps their social skills and for them to be interactive.

Provides a safer environment– if the elderly client is prone to injury because of the illness that they are experiencing. Having a caregiver in your home can assist them while walking, sitting, and standing up.

Cleaning and preparing food– there are some elderly people who are still able to move around but with limited motion like getting things on the floor or grabbing something under the drawer. Things like this that need simple assistance is necessary for them to achieve what they want to do. This ensures them to complete the task.

Therefore, hiring a caregiver benefits all those that are mentioned above. This will give you a peace of mind because you know they are well taken care of by trained and skilled caregivers. This will also improve the quality of life without having to feel stressed and relationships are also maintained between you and your elderly loved one.

How to Get the Best Used Furniture

If you are shopping for furniture and you find that the prices are way too high for you, be aware that brand new is not the only choice there is for buyers. You will see that there are a lot of good deals that you can get out of going for second hand and used ones. If you have never bought these kinds of fixtures before, it helps a when you have a good idea how you can identify the right pieces for the right price at

There are some reasons why a lot of people today are attracted to used furniture. Of course, the top of the list is its affordability. They are often going to be offered at prices that are considered to be more affordable. So, if you happen to be a little tight on the funds, you will find that these are choices that would be ideal and practical. Add to that the fact that you are  reusing stuff that would otherwise have just been thrown to the landfill and you know that this is a very environment-friendly choice to pursue.

Look for these pieces in several places. Be aware that your options are not just limited to alone when getting these items; you also have the choice to get the stuff that you want for other alternative places that are present around. There are always people you can ask suggestions and recommendations from too, who can direct you to the right places, the right sites, that can offer you a ton of choices as far as used fixtures are concerned. So, take the most advantage of that as well.

If you have found a piece that is a bit of in bad shape, know that reupholstering it is always on option. This is mainly south that you might want to consider especially if you find a perfegoodct looking piece, but one that lust needs to be treated for the rips and the strains that it is now showing. Customizing the piece should be well worth it. It will take a little bit of work to do, yes. But disappointing, no.

Shop only after you have determined the dimensions of the pieces that you need. You would not want just to second-guess how big the pieces should be. You are encouraged to take a tape measure and measure out for yourself the space in which these fixtures are expected to place on to when they are brought to your home. This is to make sure that what you get are ones that are of the appropriate scale for the part of your home where it is expected to be placed on.

Get physical with the pieces. You will want to see if they are still in a good, sturdy condition before you decide to shell out some good old cash and purchase it. Otherwise you may just be wasting money on something that is way beyond redemption.


How to buy the noticeboards and rope queue posts?

Are you trying to find a set of rope queue posts or some noticeboards that you can use for your organization or business? Buying either of those is a worthwhile investment of your money, as either of these can pay you back in how useful they are. But buying them is much harder than you would think, mainly because it is hard to find any seller or shop of rope queue posts or even noticeboards. If you need any kind of help in purchasing either of those, you have come to the right place. You can follow this guide if you need any help for buying rope queue posts or noticeboards.

Find a reliable seller

One of the most important steps in buying a rope queue post is buying from a reliable seller. To choose the right seller to buy rope queue posts and noticeboards from, you have got to do a bit of research. You should check out the reputation of any of the sellers of this stuff before you actually buy a rope queue post from them. One seller that you can check out is You have got to also buy rope queue posts or noticeboards from a seller that can offer a guarantee. This is so that if you encounter any kind of problem with them, the seller would fix or replace your broken rope queue post or noticeboard.

Choose noticeboards with the right features

Noticeboards can come with different features. For example, there are noticeboards that have got an added feature of security; these may have a lockable cover on them. Having a lockable notice board would prevent signs and posters that you put inside of them, from being defaced. You should also get a noticeboard that is more portable if you plan on moving it around a lot.

Select rope queue posts with the right look and length

Rope queue posts can come in different lengths, colors, and styles. So you may want to choose carefully about which kind of rope queue post to buy if you do not want to regret your purchase. For rope queue post, the classic color to choose them in is red. But you can select these in varying shades of color. But most importantly you have got to make sure that you end up buying a rope queue post of the right length.

Remember, you should purchase either of these from a seller that you can trust. So you would not go wrong if you decide to purchase an outdoor noticeboard or a set of rope queue post, from You will find that particular seller has got the best deals on what you are looking for in an outdoor noticeboard or rope post. Best of all, you would also find that their stuff is of the highest quality, so you can expect that their rope queue posts are going to last a long time. Whatever kind of business or establishment that you may have, it would be very useful for you to have a rope post or two, and even a noticeboard as well.

What coating should you use for your boat?

When you own a boat, you must also add a layer of protective marine paint to it. This layer of paint would act as a protective coating to your boat, which can stop problems such as corrosion on your hull from forming.

You must use a protective paint coating for your boat because there are all sorts of problems that your boat could end up facing if you do not add a layer of coating to it. Rust can cause your boat to corrode, which can eventually lead to holes in the hull of your boat. Your boat could even end up getting stains and other kinds of discolouration if you do notadd a layer of special coating on top of it. There are also other practical reasons for using a protective coating for your boat. It would be easier to keep your boat clean and shiny because a protective layer of paint can keep your boat free from dirt. The glossy finish of this layer of protective coat will also last a much longer time. Your boat may end up looking much better thanks to this layer of special marine paint.

The kind of paint or coating that you use for your boat is going to be of huge importance. Other kinds of normal paint would be inadequate for the job of protecting your boat from damage and its environment. Even the color of the paint can be affected by whether or not it has a layer of protective coating. This is because the color of your boat’s paint can actually fade away. And if you do not want your boat to appear discolored you must try and use a paint that can protect it from the sun and seawater.

There is one particular brand of protective coating that you must use for your boat. You should get the Nanotech protective coating for your boat, especially if you are planning to repaint your boat anytime soon. This kind of layer of protective coating that you can use for your boat is going to ensure that your boat is going to be well-protected at all times. This is because it uses smart surface technology which can guarantee that your boat is going to be safe from rust and corrosion. You can purchase this kind of protective coating for this boat on this website,

It is important that you use some layer of added protection for your boat. Your boat has got to endure harsh conditions, such as constant exposure to moisture, strong UV light and even salt from the sea. To withstand all of those problems that your boat can face, you must try and get the best maintenance and protective products for your boat. And that would mean that you must shop for and use a protective paint that you can use on your boat. By getting that kind of protective coating on your ship, you can ensure that your boat is not going to get damaged by rust, corrosion or even discolouration from strong sunlight!